Baktemur İnşaat
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With its knowledge and experience of more than 30 years, Baktemur İnşaat has developed itself over the years, has put high-quality, popular projects into practice, and has the honor of constructing buildings where the customers who prefer the company can live in peace, security, and enjoyment.
Our company attaches importance to construction and material quality, and earthquake-resistance in its projects, and has aimed at customer satisfaction by showing approaches that increase the social and environmental efficiency level of the residents.

Our high-quality, practical apartments are always on sale at affordable prices. It is aimed not only at the relationship between the seller and the customer but also at permanent satisfaction and friendships with trust developed. Our benchmark has been the safe buildings built and the way of behavior that respects people and the environment.

Our company has been one of the most important leading and permanent companies in the Construction Sector with steady growth. The trust of our customers in our company has been an important source of motivation for us.

We aim to be among the leading and most successful construction companies in our country by adding new ones to the permanent and reliable projects we have realized.